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Welcome~I’m so glad you found your way here.

My prayer is that my work would showcase the light of our Creator in every single person. Should we get connected here for a session, I look forward to meeting you…in His light!

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I have a confession....I am in love with light.

Everywhere around me...reflecting in the eyes of those I see, angelic halos of sunlight falling on the carefree curls of a child, the warm glow of light on a deserted field of absolutely nothing...light captivates and inspires me. My love for light is, without a doubt, the root of my passion for photography! 

No surprise, except for those event occasions where flash is necessary, I am a 100% natural light photographer. With the exception of event photography, I shoot all of my sessions outdoors with the light as my guide. I am grateful to Father God for the gift of my patient husband and 3 grown boys who continue to be my victims when caught in that perfect light.

I look forward to meeting the light

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