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Change a look~Change a life 2 I was first introduced to the truth about human trafficking at the 2013 Passion Conference in Atlanta last January.  The depravity behind human slavery left me emotionally crippled for weeks afterwards.  I truly had no idea.  

My husband laughs at how easily I fall asleep.  When my body is tired, the show is over.  I shut down completely.  Standing, sitting, even while in the middle of a doesn't matter~I'm going down.  The impact of 27 million people, mainly children and women, being sold into slavery changed those sleep habits.  Now I couldn't go to sleep...regardless of how tired I was.  The images of people being abused, hurt and killed through human trafficking wouldn't leave my mind~even sleep didn't rescue me.  The magnitude of this tragic truth left me overwhelmed with a sense of helplessness....I wanted to help free everyone and anyone, but the sheer numbers were so daunting...where to start?  How can one person make a difference?  

Talking with others in the community helps build awareness...most certainly.  I am so grateful for local organization SHE IS SAFE, a Roswell-based, non-profit organization dedicated to prevent, rescue and restore women and girls from abuse and exploitation in high risk places around the world, equipping them to build a life of freedom, faith and a strong future.  

If your heart aches as mine does for the victims of this dehumanizing reality, I ask you to join with me, SHE IS SAFE and Aura Hair Salon on April 19th from 4-8p in a collaborative effort to help put an end to human trafficking.  Together, we have put together a perfect girls' night out with 100% proceeds benefitting She is Safe.  There are still spots left~please see detailed information below and thank you for any support!  


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Change Your Look~Change a Life Human trafficking.

The pain of it's truth is crippling for many of us who have never known slavery as it exists in our world...even today.  Nearly 27 million girls & boys in our world live out this atrocity every single day.


SHE is SAFE is a Roswell-based, non-profit organization that helps to fight against human trafficking and there IS something YOU can do about it.  Kelle Mac Photography, along with Aura Hair and Makeup has partnered with SHE is SAFE on April 19th from 4-8p with Hair, Makeup and Headshots...all professionally done, with 100% of all proceeds going to SHE is SAFE to help free those who are enslaved in trafficking.

Please join us Saturday, April 19th from 4p-8p and be a part of something bigger than ourselves.  Reserve your hair, makeup and headshot now~change your look...change a life.

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My Jillian This was a quickie...but supER fun!  Jillian rocked it out for Prom 2014 and I was blessed to have had a little fun with her before it all went down...!

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Buttercup Spring Sessions

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Prom Time~! These sessions are very limited and can include group portraits ~book now!


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Sarah & Matt Sometimes I forget that photography started in my heart.  The business side of things tend to take over and I find myself swimming in ledger lines, social media uploads, promotional ideas...and I am left drained.  

But then the camera is back in my hand...and I meet a Sarah & Matt, and I am reminded once again, that I am doing what I love.  


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Benny Someone likes to be tickled...and all it takes is Daddy's five 'o clock shadow to bring on the giggles.  Welcome to the world sweet Benny!    Congratulations Marianna & Steve!





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